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Audio Fitting Solutions

The Audio Fitting Solutions section contains everything that the professional or D.I.Y installer requires to fit a head unit or speakers to a vehicle. These solutions include Facia Adaptors, Harness Adaptors, Active Adaptors, Stalk Control Adaptors, Aerials, Aerial Adaptors and Speakers; all meticulously designed to allow for a quick and efficient install without the need to alter the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. Further products relating to device integration can be found in the Dark Red (Integration) section.
  • Antenna Adaptors (PC5)

    When replacing an original equipment stereo, it may be necessary to adapt the antenna connection to enable aftermarket head unit fitting. A range of antenna adaptors is available for vehicles with non-standard aerial connections. For DAB Digital Antenna Adaptors, please refer to the Integration of the Autoleads Catalogue (can be found in the Downloads section of this website)

  • CANbus Interfacing

    The evolution of CANbus systems on vehicles has given rise for the need for a range of Interfaces so as to obtain key functionality for the systems. Data available from the range includes; Handbrake Ground Trigger, Reverse Gear Trigger, Speed Sense, Ignition Sense, Telemute Input and Stalk Control Adaptors.
  • Ignition Sensing

    Many vehicles, such as those that have CANbus systems, offer no opportunity to pick up an ignition supply (essential to handsfree and other accessory installations). Autoleads offer a number of devices that can simulate this; such as the 06-SENSE for 12v systems and 06-24-SENSE for 24v vehicles.
  • Aerials (RMA)

    The Autoleads comprehensive range of vehicle aerials cover wing, pillar and roof mountings in both car specific and universal variants. Styles include replacement whips, electronic, and retractable types. For DAB specific antennas please refer to the Integration section of the Autoleads catalogue (can be found on the downloads page of this website)
  • Active Harness Adaptors (PC9)

    An Active adaptor allows the integration of an aftermarket headunit into an original amplified audio system whilst retaining the full operation of all the adaptors. The adaptor converts the existing vehicle connection which remains after removing the original stereo to plug directly into the majority of aftermarket head units without the need to cut any wiring.Important NoteCutting the original vehicle wiring loom may invalidate the vehicle warranty.
  • PC99 Stalk Adaptor

    Stalk Control Adaptors (PC99)

    Many modern vehicles have audio controls positioned on or around the steering wheel. The PC99 range is used to retain the use/functionality of the existing stalk/steering wheel audio control when a head unit is changed. Two parts are required when fitting these leads; the first being a car-specific lead that plugs in to the vehicle wiring loom, the second, a headunit specific lead that plugs directly into the remote part of the new head unit.
  • Speaker Adaptor Kits (SAK)

    As the interior aesthetics of todays cars change, many vehicle manufacturers are using irregular shaped/sized speakers in doors and interior panels.An Autoleads Speaker Adaptor Kits allow standard size speakers (100mm, 130mm, 165mm and 6x9") to be fitted into the original apertures of your car audio system. Where a speaker wiring harness is required to avoid cutting wire, this is included in the pack.
  • Harness Adaptors (PC2)

    When replacing the vehicle stereo, the original vehicle wiring loom may not match the ISO plug used by the majority of aftermarket head unit manufacturers. To overcome this difficulty, an Autoleads Harness Adaptor will plug directly into the vehicle wiring loom and configure it to an ISO plug, therefore removing the need to cut the wiring. Cutting the original wiring loom may invalidate the vehicle warranty.

  • Facia Adaptors (FP, DFP & DFPK)

    Due to the sculptured design of many new dashboards, the aperture left after removing the original manufacturers head unit may not be the standard Single DIN size or Double DIN size used by aftermarket head unit manufacturers. Autoleads Facia Adaptors convert this aperture to suit the standard DIN sizes whilst retaining the original design of the dashboard

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