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Custom Installation

The Custom Installation section contains a vast selection of components catering for simplest amplifier fitting right through to a high end competition standard audio system; giving the choice of specification and aesthetic appearance to suit the demands of any user. the section includes complete amplifier wiring kits, power only wiring kits, power cable, speaker cable, fusing, distribution and signal transfer and is designed to perfectly compliment any amplifier, subwoofer or speaker installation.
  • Speaker Cable

    Autoleads Proflex and Black Speaker Cable has been manufactured using the highest quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable and superflex PVC insulation. Black Chrome Speaker cable offers the ultimate in performance and looks.
  • PC1-615

    Signal Level Control

    Remote Control Levellers are fitted into the front of the car to provide a separate sound control adjustment. The controllers connect between the headunit and amplifier using the RCA cable.
  • Phono Cables

    Autoleads' range of phono leads offers the connectivity needed to link two products together via the RCA connections. The range of Phone leads offered by Autoleads are all supplied with the highest quality gold plated RCA connections
  • Amplifier Wiring Kits (CCA)

    Autoleads Copper Coated Aluminium (CCA) Wiring Kits come with all the required components, terminals and fixings for a safer and more reliable install. The range includes 10,8 & 4 gauge kits.
  • Amplifier Wiring Kits (100% Copper)

    We value the quality of sound and the value of life. Therefore we have maintained the 100% copper content across the entire Autoleads Power range of amplifer wiring kits as well as installation cables.
  • Power Cable

    The range of Satin Finish Power and Earthing Cable is made using Pro-Flex Technology. Incorporating rope-lay construction and insulation, this stylish cable can bend, twist and contort in any way imaginable making installation into even the tighest spaces easier than ever. All Autoleads Proflex Power Cable is made with 100% OFC copper and will stay flexible even under hot and cold temperature extremes. All Autoleads wiring use accurate gauge cable to ensure your system is wired correctly. Using inferior gauge cable will dramatically reduce the performance of your amplifier.
  • Noise Control

    The power supply noise suppression device can help eliminate the most common power-related electronic noise associated with car audio systems, such as background noise or alternator whine. It is designed for installation into the engine compartment of an alternator.
  • Spilt Charging

    High Power and multi-amplifier systems require a huge amount of power. The standard electrical charging system cannot cope with the immense power drain. To help overcome this problem a secondary battery can be installed with a split charging relay. Split charging power relays can be set to operate manually or automatically. When switched on, the alternator will charge both batteries simultaneously, and we recommend them to be used with a spiral cell battery.
  • Battery Terminals (Satin Nickel & Gold)

    Autoleads' range of Satin Nickel & Gold battery terminals offer the ultimate in connection to your battery. The increased surface area of the battery terminals improves conductivity and the multi-cable outputs enable safe connection of additional components to your battery.
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