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Installation Accessories & Consumables

The Installation Accessories & Consumables section provides all of the essential requirements of the modern installer workshop without any compromise on quality or specifications. The range includes cables, connectors, fixings, fusing, terminals, tapes, carpet and adhesives as well as covering the most popular requirements for tools and a comprehensive range of trim removal tools and stereo release key solutions.
  • Draper Tools

    Armour Automotive have added to their Autoleads Tool Range by becoming an Automotive Distributor for Draper Tools. A range of tools designed to assist in electrical and audio installations are now in stock and include items such as soldering irons, magnetic pick-up tools and LED lamps. These new Draper products combine together with the existing Autoleads Tool & Consumables to create an impressive install bag.The current range of Draper Tools will be constantly reviewed and new lines added where required.
  • Hushmat

    HushMat specialises in reducing unwanted noise in your vehicle by eliminating structural vibration, reducing heat, road noise, engine noise, wind noise engine exhaust and road noise.The HushMat range includes HushMat Ultra which eliminates road noise and reduces heat by up to 40% and requires no pre-cleaning prior to installation and HushMat Silencer MegaBond, a thermal insulating, sound absorbing foam that absorbs higher frequency airborne noise. Also in the range are HushMat Quiet Tape, to secure wires and harnesses and simply Peels and Sticks.
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